World Space Week Day 1 – Welcome to World Space Week 2022!

In early October every year, World Space Week is run, celebrating the space industry and science’s contribution to humanity. The start and end dates mark the launch of Sputnik I, the first man-made satellite, and the signing of The Outer Space Treaty – the first international agreement on the exploration and use of space.

In 2022, Space week’s focus is on ‘Space and Sustainability’, and how the space industry is assisting in achieving the UN sustainable development goals. ‘Sustainability’ can relate to how humanity uses space, including the orbital area surrounding Earth – itself a finite resource. It can also relate to how sustainability can be achieved from space, addressing how space can help to achieve a cleaner, fairer and safer planet Earth. This encompasses activities such as measuring climate change, identifying pollution on land and at sea, supporting agriculture in developing nations.

As a provider of both satellite imagery and geospatial analytics, GI works for a range of clients engaged in sustainability, including government, NGOs and industry partners.

“Observing the earth from space gives us a unique perspective of place and time.  Space allows us to examine everything from individual plants to entire continents – no other technology provides us with such a capability.  A capability that allows us to monitor both human and natural change over time at various scales, a perfect technology to assist us in achieving harmony and sustainability, for now and future generations,” says Rob Coorey, CEO of GI.

To celebrate this year’s World Space Week, GI will be exploring areas and domains in which GI supports sustainability efforts through a series of case studies and examples. These include carbon accounting, disaster relief and emergency response. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to find out more as the week progresses!

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