Pléiades Neo


  • Very high resolution (30cm) panchromatic imagery
  • Panchromatic and 6 multispectral bands
  • Ideal for precision mapping at scales of up to 1:2,000
  • 14 km swath at nadir, able to acquire up to 110 x 70 km in strip mapping mode
  • Stereo capability with a 18.9 x 110 km swath
  • Highly responsive system providing daily revisits

Product Description

Pléiades Neo

The AIRBUS Defence & Space Pléiades Neo constellation is composed of four very-high-resolution optical earth-imaging satellites. Pléiades Neo 3, 4, 5 & 6 provide coverage of Earth’s surface with a repeat cycle of 26 days, with 0.3-metre-high resolution satellite image data.

Pléiades Neo operates as a genuine constellation on the same orbit and phased 90° from each other. Added to their oblique incidence capability (up to 52° angle) and exceptional agility, this orbit phasing allows the satellites to visit any point on the globe twice daily – ideal for monitoring sensitive sites, anticipating risks, effectively managing crises and for coverage of large areas.

The Pleiades Neo satellites features six spectral bands (deep blue, blue, green, red, red-edge and Near IR), as well as image location accuracy of 5 metres (CE90) without ground control points.

As the constellation is designed with urgent tasking in mind, images can be requested from Pleiades less than four hours before they are acquired. A new tasking plan is uploaded at every orbit for each satellite, which means a new plan every 25 minutes to the constellation. This allows integration of new requests for urgent acquisitions and factors in the latest weather forecast, so focuses are over areas where success rate is even higher. This functionality is invaluable in situations where the expedited collection of new image data is crucial, such as crisis monitoring.

The Pleiades sensors are an ideal choice for those wanting new imagery collections of an area. For high resolution options, this is a great option for those doing site monitoring or change detection analyses.

Provider Airbus
Satellite/Constellation Pléiades Neo 3 & 4 (Pléiades Neo 5 & 6 launching end of 2022)
Resolution (Panchromatic) 0.3 m GSD at nadir
Resolution Multispectral 1.2 m GSD at nadir
Geolocational Accuracy <5 m CE90, 3.5 m with
Swath 14 km at nadir
Spectral Bands Panchromatic + 6 Band MS: Deep Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Red-Edge, NIR
Revisit Frequency Daily (twice daily after Pléiades Neo 5 & 6 launch)
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