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Geospatial Intelligence has experience in supplying and deploying geospatial and analytical software packages. Our team is comprised of systems architecture, software development and data experts, as well as experienced analytics and intelligence professionals.

We are Esri, Amazon AWS and Microsoft partners with extensive experience with their software solutions.

We offer trainingadvisory and consulting services to assist you to establish an in-house capability, or you can take advantage of our expertise and task us to develop a tailored solution for you.


Esri produces world leading GIS software solutions and offers a suite of tools to support the capture, storage, analysis, and dissemination of geospatial information. The suite includes; desktop, database, server, developer API’s and platform technology that can be configured independently or architected to deliver enterprise-wide solutions. The suite is comprehensive and comprises numerous pieces of software with various components, applications, extensions, add-ins and data content. The Geospatial Intelligence team has considerable knowledge of the Esri suite of tools, and can assist you in identifying the right tools for your needs.  Geospatial Intelligence can provide services to design, install, support, educate, customise or extend your Esri solution. Below are some of the most popular Esri tools we support:

  • ArcMap
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • ArcGIS for Developers
  • ArcGIS Applications

Centrifuge Analytics

Geospatial Intelligence is a reseller for the Centrifuge Analytics software product. Centrifuge Analytics is a ‘big data’ discovery solution that provides the scalability and flexibility to connect, visualise and collaborate, without complex data integration, costly services or a data science degree. It combines sophisticated data connectivity, link analysis, interactive visualisations, and collaboration features to dramatically simplify data understanding on a ‘big data’ level. Centrifuge Analytics can be used across a broad spectrum of fields, including cyber security, financial analysis, human intelligence, health and pharmaceuticals, insider threat, fraud detection, national security and oil and gas. It takes visual data discovery to a whole new level. Centrifuge provides the following features and benefits to its users:

Problem-solving, not data processing

  • Eliminates need to pre-stage or aggregate data prior to analysis
  • Automatically reaches into many diverse data sources using sophisticated algorithms to maximise performance
  • Augmenting analysis with new data or building on developed data models is simply a selection process
  • A single refresh click allows analysts to work with the most current information
  • Allows users to focus on analytics and the meaning of data rather than the processing behind it

Reusable Models 

  • Leverages a model-based approach so that a specific problem can be defined once and reused multiple times

Advanced interactive visualisations

  • Supports full breadth of advanced visualisations, from traditional charts to fully integrated link-analysis graphs
  • All visualisations are accessible from any browser environment
  • Enables intelligent interactions between visualisations
  • Allows user to focus and drill down on an area of interest, and have results reflected in other views
  • Provides the ability to create powerful dashboards consisting of interconnected views from different perspectives

Sophisticated link-analysis

  • Mines useful information from connected data structures like network graphs
  • Qualifies imbedded data structures and presents them in a compelling interactive graph representation
  • Allows users to seamlessly explore their data from dense clusters of millions of nodes down to individual connections
  • Analysts can automatically bundle common elements as one or discover all possible paths between two entities

Powerful Security

  • Built for some of the most sophisticated customers
  • Provides flexible controls needed to fully protect the hidden and potentially sensitive value within the user’s data

Scalable and flexible architecture

  • Small and flexible enough to be installed on a laptop in minutes
  • Can scale to multiple CPUs, large teams of users and terabytes of data
  • The embedded structured and unstructured databases are self-managed, requiring no user administration
  • Built in support for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and third party integrated connectors expands the scope of analysis to include a wide range of data such as: cyber security, system logs, natural language processing email and text based content, social media sources as well as web content overall.
  • Pluggable and extendable data connectors allow connectivity to almost any data


  • Relationship graphs
  • Heat maps
  • Charts (bar, pie, line, area, bubble)
  • Time Player Animation
  • Dashboard views
  • Geospatial

Data Sources:

  • Traditional RDBMs (Access, Oracle, Postgres and others)
  • Flat Files (excel, csv, xml, Json and others)
  • HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  • JDBC- Compliant Sources
  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Key Features:

  • Graph cross-referencing
  • Graph pathing
  • Broadcast selection
  • Bundling graph nodes
  • Spinoffs selection
  • Pan, zoom and drill
  • Dynamic value sizing
  • Dynamic transparencies
  • Modeling rules
  • Custom queries
  • Filtering/ Sorting
  • Embeddability


PressAtlas allows you to search hundreds of high quality news feeds based on your search terms, returning a map showing “hot spots”. You can then view the headline or read the whole article.

PressAtlas’ spatial representation of news allows individuals to monitor the effectiveness of any given public announcement and it’s reach. You can measure the impact of your work or monitor what government departments or competitors are doing in your area of interest. This can provide valuable intelligence when making investment decisions. PressAtlas is also a powerful tool for identifying events that could affect an investment around the globe.

PressAtlas can also be used to monitor the impact of media campaigns, providing information on how and where information is re-published. With the increase of social media and on-line publishing, PressAtlas is a powerful tool for the early identification of global trends.

When combined with other intelligence and GIS products, PressAtlas can be a powerful tool to assist users achieve strategic and commercial advantage.

For more information visit PressAtlas.

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