Satellite Automated Identification System

Unlock the Power of Satellite AIS

Geospatial Intelligence is the Australian and New Zealand re-seller for exactEarth®, the global leader in Satellite AIS. Geospatial Intelligence provides customers access to the full suite of exactEarth® Satellite AIS products and services. We can also combine exactEarth® Satellite AIS with our other geospatial applications to give our customers enhanced situational awareness in the maritime domain.

Satellite AIS has changed the landscape for monitoring the maritime domain. The new exactEarth® system of 60+ satellite AIS receivers, in partnership with Harris Corporation, can deliver real-time advanced ship tracking with global average revisit times and customer data latency of less than one minute. Using this system, Geospatial Intelligence can help their customers locate 165,000 ships globally, and view historical and real-time information transmitted by vessels such as speed, course, heading and destination.

Satellite AIS is a powerful tool for Safety, Search and Rescue, Maritime Security and Surveillance, Environmental Protection, and Fleet Monitoring. The accuracy of the exactEarth system, combined with the experience and expertise of Geospatial Intelligence, delivers operational efficiencies, enhanced security and timely business intelligence.

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