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Geospatial Intelligence's Imagery Solutions

Geospatial Intelligence specialises in sourcing very high-resolution satellite imagery and providing geospatial analytical services. We also develop value-added products that combine imagery with other data such as open source intelligence and satellite AIS to help find solutions for our customers.

In addition to optical and radar imagery processing services, we have expertise in the processing and analysis of multispectral, LiDAR, thermal, hyperspectral and short-wave infrared datasets.

Our highly skilled team use their detailed product knowledge and skills to help you identify the most appropriate products for your needs.

In addition to the services listed below, we can also provide basemaps, elevation data and reference layers. We also offer a range of software and subscription services that may assist you to run your own geospatial analysis. If you would like to establish an in-house capability, our team can support you with training, advisory and consulting services.

Processing services

Geospatial Intelligence provides a range of essential and advanced image processing services, including:

  • atmospheric correction
  • orthorectification
  • interferometry
  • colour balanced mosaics
  • converting files to new formats for software compatibility
Imagery intelligence analysis

Geospatial Intelligence has extensive experience in providing imagery services and products to planners and decision makers. Satellite imagery allows for persistent monitoring of activities, changes and behaviours. Our GIS experts can provide analytical assessments of geographic features and/or other activity. With extensive experience in monitoring, analysing trends and detecting change, we can also incorporate other sources of intelligence and geospatial data to provide a valuable integrated product to our clients.

Feature detection

Feature detection can reveal objects which may not be apparent to the naked eye, but identifiable in multispectral, hyperspectral, or radar imagery. Our expert team is experienced in working with a range of imagery types to detect large and small-scale features using advanced image processing software and innovative programming techniques.

Temporal analysis and change detection

Our experts are experienced in change detection and temporal analysis of both vector and raster data. Temporal analysis of data can be used to identify seasonal changes to vegetation and terrain, the construction of new structures, and the identification of high traffic areas at certain times. The temporal analysis services we offer are available for projects using multiple sensors.

Elevation products and feature extraction

Our analysts are skilled at extracting detailed information from geospatial datasets. Our geospatial techniques can be applied to determine the shape and height of structures and vegetation. Our experts can derive elevation products and provide analytical services, such as line-of-site, view-shed analysis, and contour or terrain model generation.

Image classification and custom mapping

Geospatial Intelligence specialise in the development of high quality, easy-to-interpret custom mapping products to meet your needs. Custom mapping products can be extracted from imagery and geographically represented for use in a range of applications. Examples include land use, vegetation, urban terrain, lines of communication and utility services mapping.


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Network and hotspot analysis

Using existing data, our experts can assist clients to build associations and map networks in a geospatial context. Network and hotspot analysis can be used to identify traffic patterns, vulnerabilities or centres of gravity. Information such as people, events, media use, logistics and organisations can be associated to specific points in time and space. Our products and services can enhance your understanding of context, relationships, patterns and trends, and support informed decision making.

Simulation, modelling and 3D databases

Geospatial Intelligence can create simulation models and 3D databases using imagery and elevation datasets. Our team are experienced in modelling ground-based communication nodes and mobile assets such as aircraft, satellites, ships and  land-based vehicles. We also offer extended consultancy services to assist with system set-up and integration.

Motion imagery analysis

Using advanced analysis techniques, we can display, analyse, annotate, manipulate and share motion imagery within a spatial environment.  Metadata collected in sensor platforms provides information that allows motion imagery to be displayed in a spatial context.

Digitisation of analogue datasets

Geospatial Intelligence is experienced in the conversion of analogue data to vector databases and rectified raster imagery. We can convert aerial photography or imagery into a geo-referenced digital format.

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