Consulting and Advisory

Expert Consultation and Guidance

Geospatial Intelligence consultancy and professional services are tailored to maximise the potential of a client’s geospatial data. Our staff can assist customers on-site and are experienced in working on sensitive projects. Our specialist team can assist with geospatial data management, geospatial systems and server configuration, geospatial processing and analysis, imagery analysis and maritime surveillance.

As an Esri Business Partner, Geospatial Intelligence can offer solutions, services, hardware and data to support your Esri products.

Geospatial data management

Quality data management is an essential component of any IT system.  Geospatial Intelligence have a thorough knowledge of the complexities of geospatial data, and have experience working with large volumes of data and associated metadata.

We work closely with clients to streamline enterprise data management processes and address the entire life-cycle of Geographic Information Systems. Our team can assist with requirement studies, system design, data management, dissemination and ongoing support.

Geospatial systems and server configuration

Implementing, configuring and connecting geospatial software within existing IT infrastructure requires careful planning and skilled technicians. Our staff can work on-site, or remotely, to aid in streamlining the server configuration process.  Geospatial Intelligence can install and configure server connections, and develop and connect databases to facilitate effective data management and data distribution.

Geospatial processing

Geospatial Intelligence is skilled in the use of a wide range of advanced data processing and GIS tools. We can assist clients with the selection of appropriate processing techniques to meet objectives that are particular to their project. Geospatial Intelligence can enhance the standard capability of geospatial software tools through the use of customised programming and can assist in converting files to new formats to ensure software compatibility.

Geospatial analysis

Geospatial Intelligence are skilled in spatial analysis and providing insightful information extracted from datasets. Our extended spatial analysis service involves the integration of non-spatial datasets into spatial systems. Our particular expertise includes image classification, geostatistical analysis, vector dataset analysis, network and 3D analysis.

Imagery analysis service

Geospatial Intelligence can tailor imagery analysis services to our client’s specific informational requirements. Satellite imagery is a powerful resource that can provide geographical context and allows for persistent surveillance to monitor change and activity or to highlight patterns. Our staff can provide ongoing analytical assessments to improve situational awareness and enhance decision making.

Maritime surveillance

Geospatial Intelligence has many years’ experience in the maritime surveillance domain.  Our team can provide satellite AIS products, services and training, and we can also integrate this data into existing organisational systems.  Geospatial Intelligence can access a large suite of optical and radar imagery products to support a range of maritime surveillance operations.

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