Basemaps, Elevation Maps and Reference Layers

Chart Your Course with Geospatial Intelligence

Basemaps, elevation maps and reference layers provide spatial context for all types of information and data. Geospatial Intelligence has access to a range of high quality products via its satellite imagery providers. We can also develop custom solutions to meet our customers’ needs.


Basemaps, elevation data and reference layers are available at a range of scales and resolutions. Our team can work with you to define a product that best meets your needs.


Geospatial Intelligence can provide you with access to high quality optical products developed from archive data. Basemaps range from local to global scales with seamless coverage and high geometric accuracy.

Elevation products

We offer elevation products at a variety of scales and pricing options.  Elevation data can be provided in numerous forms including Digital Elevation Models (DEMs),  Digital Surface Models, Digital Terrain Models, point clouds, contours and spot heights. Bespoke products can be developed in-house that are adaptable to client data and requirements.

Reference layers

Geospatial Intelligence can provide reference layers, which are suitable for use in Esri GIS software, to enable you to create powerful visual maps. Our reference layers include street maps, topographic/relief maps, building footprints, political boundaries and demographic data.

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