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Geospatial Intelligence is an Australian company committed to delivering high quality geospatial solutions to both the public and private sectors. Whether its sourcing existing solutions or developing bespoke ones, we tailor our approach to meet your specific requirements.


High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

We are experts in geospatial intelligence, specialising in high-resolution multispectral optical and radar satellite imagery. Proudly, we're a leading re-seller for renowned providers including Airbus, Maxar, Capella, Planet, and Blacksky.

Satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS)

As the exclusive re-seller for exactEarth® in Australia and New Zealand, we provide comprehensive access to their Satellite AIS products. Our offerings are versatile, blending AIS with other geospatial applications for amplified maritime awareness.

Basemaps, Elevation & Reference Layers

Our services offer spatial context for diverse information types. We provide quality basemaps, elevation data, and reference layers, and customise solutions as per client needs. From seamless basemaps to detailed elevation models and Esri-compatible reference layers, we cater to all your geospatial requirements.

Geospatial Software Solutions

With a rich history in supplying and implementing geospatial and analytical software packages, we stand out. Our team blends systems architecture know-how with software development proficiency. As partners with Esri, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft, we ensure premium software experiences.


Image & Data Services

Our expertise lies in sourcing top-tier satellite imagery and offering advanced geospatial analytical services. Beyond just imagery, we integrate various data sources, from open source intelligence to satellite AIS, ensuring tailored solutions for our clientele. Our skilled team is proficient across diverse imagery processing sectors.

Big Data & Open Source Intelligence

Machine Intelligence, encompassing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, finds its utility in our services, especially with satellite imagery. We leverage these technologies to address industry-specific challenges. Our wide-ranging experience across sectors ensures we deliver effective and informed solutions.

Support & Training

Geospatial Intelligence offers tailored training options. Our dedicated team focuses on building geospatial skills, ensuring effective and engaging training for all levels. From beginners to advanced users, we're here to elevate your expertise.

Consulting & Advisory

Our consultancy and professional services are tailored to maximise the potential of a client’s geospatial data. We can assist customers on-site and are experienced in working on sensitive projects. As an Esri Business Partner, we provide comprehensive support for your Esri products.

Application Development

Geospatial Intelligence’s skilled software development team and domain experts deliver custom geospatial software solutions to our customers. Our team have worked on the development of a range of geospatial systems including the PressAtlas app.

Let us help you with your geospatial requirements

Our team specialise in sourcing and analysing very high-resolution satellite imagery and providing value-added products that combine imagery with other data (such as satellite AIS and open-source intelligence), to solve problems for our customers.

We offer a range of software and subscription services that will assist you to run your own analysis, or our team would be happy to assist you. We also provide training, advisory and consulting services to help you build an in-house capability, or you can take advantage of the expertise of our highly skilled professionals and task us to develop a tailored solution for you.

Our extensive experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), means that we are also well placed to help you maximise the benefit of your systems and data. Our experts can support you at any point in the life-cycle of GIS, from requirements studies, through to system design, data management, product development, implementation and ongoing support.Since inception, we have been helping our customers understand context, relationships, patterns and trends, to support them in their commercial, strategic, or operational duties.

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