Innovation, pandemic preparedness and export excellence: Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd dominates the Australian Space Frontier

Innovation, pandemic preparedness and export excellence: Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd dominates the Australian Space Frontier

The Australian Space Awards, Deloitte Gravity Challenge 02 and the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards celebrate ground-breaking innovation and outstanding projects in Australian industry. Australian-owned Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd (GI) was recognised at all three. As one of Australia’s leading SME space companies, these awards not only celebrate GI’s ground-breaking innovation in the space sector but acknowledges their 18 years of growth and contribution to building Australia’s sovereign space capabilities.

The inaugural Australian Space Awards brought together the space industry’s greatest minds from across the country. As the premier Australian space industry awards, a panel of senior space industry and government leaders peer-reviewed shortlisted space businesses and individuals. GI’s contribution to pushing the boundaries of space technology was recognised, with the company being awarded the title “Innovator of the Year – Company”. GI was recognised for its innovation in the use of satellite imagery to solve real world problems for their clients. The company has been pioneering the use of technologies such as machine intelligence, hyper-automation, computer vision and miniaturised supercomputers in the Australian space industry.  It was this ground-breaking work which contributed to GI’s success at the Australian Space Awards.

The recent ‘Deloitte Gravity Challenge 02’ also announced GI as an award recipient from over 300 international teams for their solution which uses existing location technology to predict and track future pandemics. When GI were asked the question “How can we use geospatial (location) data to identify the outbreak of diseases as soon as they occur to prepare an appropriate response?”. GI answered: by using location technology to identify symptom hotspots, tracking disease transmission, incubation and infectiousness and determining how that disease could be transported to Australia. The Commission on Excellence & Innovation in Health’s Executive Director, Robert Kluttz said, “Lives will most certainly be saved by the solutions being developed by Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd”.

Earlier this year GI worked to deliver satellite imagery before and after the Black Summer bushfire season for the state of NSW. GI have an extensive portfolio of projects with recent services ranging from assisting with tracking illegal fishing, lost cargo and oil spills; to tracking the movement of biosecurity hazards and analysing their potential impact on Australia’s agriculture sector. GI has also been using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology to deliver innovative solutions to uniquely Australian problems like counting cattle, mapping fences in outback regions, and monitoring fire trails.

GI’s expertise extends beyond the point where the world’s terrestrial intelligence networks end. Rob Coorey, CEO of GI, explained that the business provides tailored solutions based on location intelligence; “A lot of what we do is using space-based satellite technologies that enable our clients to understand context, relationships, patterns and trends. This information is valuable in supporting broad based decision-making.” says Rob.

As announced at the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards, it is GI’s approach to using space-based technology which complements the ACT Government’s aim to build a vibrant and highly skilled space industry in the ACT. But whatever the industry, GI’s tailored location intelligence solutions provide their clients with the right technology to drive innovation and efficiency in their projects, and the GI team are looking forward to continuing to contribute to advancements in the Australian Space Economy into 2021 and beyond.

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