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Geospatial Intelligence soars into satellite space with world-leading partnership

Australian space company, Geospatial Intelligence, has entered into a worldleading partnership, delivering up to date state-wide, very high-resolution satellite image mosaics to the New South Wales Government, which will assist in analysing drought and bushfire affected areas.

Geospatial Intelligence Pty Limited, who are specialists in the provision and analysis of very high-resolution imagery; have partnered with Geoimage Pty Ltd, a highly regarded imagery production company based in Brisbane; and Airbus Defence and Space, one of the world’s leading aerospace companies; to provide the NSW Government with state-wide, very highresolution satellite image mosaics.

Spatial Services, as part of the NSW Department of Customer Services (previously the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation), requested NSW-wide satellite imagery products and services for temporal analysis at multiple epochs during 2019 and 2020 to determine the rate of change within dynamic regions of the state.

Geospatial Intelligence’s tender win highlights the importance of satellitederived data to the NSW Government, and strengthens the company’s role in the Australian Earth Observation community and space sector.

“Using cutting edge technology and some of the best earth observation satellites available our company will deliver a product to the NSW Government ahead of schedule, an achievement we are very proud of, as customer satisfaction has always been our key company objective,” said Geospatial Intelligence CEO Mr Rob Coorey.

This very high-resolution satellite image mosaic will give the NSW Government access to key space data which will assist in analysing the impact of recent events.

“A lot of this imagery was taken before the devastating bushfires ripped through New South Wales and will give the government a clear indication of damaged and drought-ravaged areas. The satellite images are layered and very highresolution, which means you can compare vegetation change, water and so on,” said Mr Coorey.

Since June 2019, Geospatial Intelligence has tasked Airbus SPOT 6/7 satellites, capturing more than 1 million square kilometres of near-cloud free 1.5 metre resolution imagery over NSW, and Lord Howe Island. A second capture of the state-wide imagery will begin in early 2020.

Geoimage Pty Ltd is responsible for processing the SPOT6/7 data to provide a state-wide high-quality colour balanced
mosaic and tiled product solution for each of the biannual captures.

The supplied products and services will be available to be viewed by New South Wales State Government Agencies for internal purposes and for use within public facing web-services.

Providing the NSW Government with the 3-band state-wide mosaic for use in other applications delivers additional value to the data, and supports the Government’s use of the data to help with decision making.

The Department also has access to search the entire Airbus satellite archive, with over 100 billion square kilometres of satellite imagery from the Pléiades and SPOT constellations, through its online Geostore.

Geospatial Intelligence Pty Limited is a leading Australia & Pacific partner of Airbus Defence and Space, and has been providing satellite-derived geospatial products and services to both the private and public sectors since 2002.



Tender: NSW Satellite Imagery Services (SS-ICT 1819013)

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